My name is Alessandra Campana, I am an Italian Interpreter and proud member of the AAIT Board of Directors.

The idea of developing a platform owned and managed directly by Interpreters came to me on August 29th 2017, after a call from an agency who wanted to pay me a few cents for my Professional service for an Over the Phone Interpretation (OPI) assignment.

Even our profession is gearing more and more towards the use of modern technologies, especially in the Medical field (Doctors find the physical presence of Interpreters being more and more of an issue, especially in particular settings), but the problem is that companies and agencies that have the tools to deliver this type of service don’t want to pay us fairly, and they tend to hire bilingual personnel that doesn’t have any professional training. I know this is a difficult concept to understand for those who don’t speak a second language so I usually put it this way: the fact that you own a car doesn’t make you a mechanic. I think we can all agree.

I reached out to other fellow Interpreters and discovered a general malcontent with no apparent way out.

So I decided to take matters into my own hands and since “where there’s a will there’s a way”, H Lingo was born (H being the symbol for Hospitals almost everywhere in the world). In 2018 we opened up to all Interpretation fields, not only Medical and H Lingo became inLingo.

Knowing first-hand what improvements need to be made for Clients and Interpreters alike, I decided to create a unique service.

My goal is for our Clients and our Interpreters to be happy & proud of being part of such a unique organization.